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Visual Guide to Clinical Dentistry

Famdent was conceptualised on international standards in 1999 as a Dental Publication focussed on Clinical Dentistry. Famdent is a regular subscription-based quarterly publication. Now in its 15th year, Famdent still reigns supreme as India's leading Dental publication. In complete contrast to most print publications, over 80% copies are PAID for and less than 20% are complimentary copies. In 2014, 10000 annual subscriptions have been sold to a leading pharmaceutical company alone.


Endodontics for the General Dentist

April 2013 saw the launch of ENDODENT - a quarterly Endodontic publication uniquely aimed at the General Dentist. . It has received a Terrific response. This Journal is a-need-of-the-hour publication. 8000 copies are bulk subscribed by a different pharma companies. Endodent has quickly become the leading specialised publication in less than a year. Endodent has quicly become the leading specialised publication in less than a year.

Dental Bulletin

The Latest at the House of Famdent

With FAMDENT SHOWS starting in 2005 and several such shows planned each year, a new monthly publication DENTAL BULLETIN was launched in 2009. This publication essentially gives information about various Famdent Shows and other in-house activities happening at Famdent - Awards, Websites, Workshops, etc. Dental Bulletin serves its purpose very effectively - maximising the reach at a very low cost.


Practical Guide for the New Dentist

Targeting a specific untapped segment - the NEW Dentist - another quarterly publication was launched in March 2014 - FRESHDENT - an exclusive in-house publication for a pharma company. Freshdent comprises of a wide range of articles and substance. Clinical articles, setting up new practices, studying abroad, workshops, counselling, etc.