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The House of FAMDENT swears by its mission of ‘Bringing Dentistry Alive’

Founded by Dr. Anil Arora in 1999 as a publication on Clinical Dentistry based on international standards, FAMDENT now has multiple offerings with a strong foothold in the Indian Dental Industry. FAMDENT ventures include Famdent Shows, Famdent Publications, Famdent Awards, Corporate Solutions & more – a brand of repute that now resonates with almost every Dentist in the country.

The scientific content at all times is carefully chosen to quench the thirst of the clinicians with contemporary and pragmatic techniques and technology prevalent globally.

A BIG THANKS to our esteemed Exhibitors – who have helped make The Famdent Show into iconic events –where both Science & Trade have seamlessly blended and succeeded on the same platform.

Constant innovation and excellent user experience are key to the FAMDENT value system and we continue to strive to achieve excellence in and contribute to the growth of the Dental industry in India. FAMDENT has been instrumental in raising the bar of Indian Dentistry.

History & Milestones

Famdent Ventures

Famdent Shows

Most prominent under the FAMDENT Brand, Famdent Shows hold annual events in Mumbai and vary between other cities in India during the rest of the year. Conceptualized and executed as per International Dental Events, the Famdent Shows have captured a sizeable market and attained a leadership position among the Dental fraternity in India as well as some international Dentists.

Famdent Shows cover the entire gamut of Dentistry that a visiting Dentist would hope for: Hands-On Courses and Workshop, Live Dental Procedures, Continuing Dental Education (CDE points awarded*), Scientific Sessions by reputed national and international speakers, Dental Exhibition / Trade Show with extensive participation including top international brands in Oral Hygiene & Dentistry.

A complete experience for the Modern Dentist!


Famdent Publications

Famdent Publications were started in 1999 as a publication on Clinical Dentistry based on international standards. FAMDENT soon became a quarterly subscription-based magazine and is now one of the leading Dental Publications in India. Apart from Famdent, our publications include Endodent, Dental Bulletin & Freshdent each specifically customized for the target audience.


Find-A-Dentist is India's first premier exclusive Dentist Search Engine - The perfect way to find the Right Dentist. Apart from searching for a Dentist in your area, the web portal facilitates Dental tourism for the benefit of Dentists and Oral Hygiene awareness to the general public. is an initiative towards building a stronger community between Dentists and Patients. It is in every Dentist's benefit to be listed here as it gives every Dentist a basic online presence, helps patients make an informed decision and improves search engine rankings for Dentists who already have an online presence.


Famdent Clinical Trials

Famdent Clinics are one of the few sites approved for clinical studies & trials of Oral Hygiene products by leading FMCG and Pharma companies. The studies are used as claim supports and/or clinical testing and clinical trial reports are part of the review process by ethical committees before they are approved to be introduced to the market. Examples of such studies done by Famdent include toothbrushing, plaque index, hypersensitivity & teeth whitening.


Famdent Awards

The Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the Dental profession, honoring individuals in respective fields for their outstanding achievement.

These Awards have been conceived and conceptualized by Anuj Arora, a Caltech alumni and Advisor to Famdent. Based out of London, his creative inputs and innovative mindset motivated him to initiate FAMDENT EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY AWARDS honouring stalwarts and enhancing the level of Dentistry in India.

The awards are instrumental for motivating other Dentists to strive for greater heights and to contribute more actively towards promoting the Profession’s intellectual, creative and ethical value systems.

It is not easy to win a Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Award given the rigorous judging process; making the Winners true Stalwarts in their respective categories.